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The new logo and branding guidelines

Ampersand was commissioned to create a new look and visual style for the brand’s relaunch. The brand is expanding and needed a logo that could adapt and grow with them. We were tasked with creating: Jewellery package design for Award-winning crochet brand crafted.


Ampersand worked on:
Brand Strategy

Brand Identity
Brand Implementation:
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Launching their Elegance collection for 2014. This Irish design range holds nine designs in the self make crochet kits. We created a new modern stylish look, sleek finish. Sneak preview of their new style can be seen here.

Ampersand worked on:

Photo Shoots
Package design and print management
Logo Design



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Jewellery package design for Award winning crochet brand

 Consistent branding is so important now more than ever as brands fight for shelf space. A product is more appealing when looks clean and appealing to the eye. Don’t be afraid to be different. If all your competitors have black boxes, have a white one. If nothing else you will stand out of the shelf beside them.

Keeping a package layout clean and holding all the information needed does require an element of origami as my clients call it. This is a really fun process when you get the structure right its like solving the crossword on a Sunday! You could spend hours folding cards and papers to find a structure the solves the problem of the piece you are creating for.

The item to a degree dictates what can be done. If its a light object as seen here but with many elements, you need to work out a system that will allow the customer to see inside without touching it. Here we have created a book style box, with a peep window. This peep window allows the customer to see the colour of the yarn, the beads and on the left, we have a large image of what the finished piece should look like.

As these gifts are available in seasonal colours this system allowed the packaging to be printed in bulk but work all year long. Cutting the cost while increasing the productivity of the package. Contact our Dublin based branding studio today.

Images were shot by the talented:
Alex Hutchinson_

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