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Coole Swan Package Suite

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Branding guidelines & promotional materials

Coole Swan Cream Liqueur has always sat on the shelf naked and in 2013, we started creating a suite of packages for the brand. From Coole Swan Branding guidelines & promotional materials, limited edition Christmas boxes, to Easter gifts and their signature single bottle box and gift box. We were delighted to be able to work with MSO in creating the signature range, the attention to detail on our foiled areas gave us a slick clean finish. (Foil used was Luxor 302)



Ampersand worked on:

Signature bottle boxes

Signature Gift boxes

Special promotion boxes

Promotional hot chocolate pots

Coole ground coffee bean bags

A range of Coole Swan mini boxes

A selection of these can be seen below:


Client: Coole Swan
Project: Coole Swan Branding guidelines and promotional materials

Ampersand worked with Coole Swan on a vast number of interesting graphic design projects, including branding guidelines, booklets, cookbooks, packaging, exhibition stands, and promotional materials. In 2014 we did a Christmas display for John Lewis on behalf of Coole Swan. Built with our packaging. This allowed the range of products to be seen in a number of ways and angles. Image to follow.

Coole Swan is available for order online via their new website