Coole-swan-logo Infographic Coole Swan, Whiskey Chocolate CreamBook design and spacial design for Coole Swan

Coole Swan Branding/Print

Coole Swan_branding

Branding and creating a style guide

Coole Swan commissioned Ampersand to look after their branding. We inherited the logo and were tasked with cleaning up the branding and creating a style guide that would allow the brand to grow. After creating clean guidelines in 2011, Ampersand have been creating print, online and packaging for Coole Swan ever since.  Coole Swan soon became part of the family at Ampersand; on a weekly basis we create a range of materials for the brand. Be it cookbooks, cocktails book, promotional materials such as postcards, airport stands, signage, online materials.

Ampersand worked on:

Guidelines and style guides for the brand



Cocktail books



Airport stands



We have also created a suite of packaging materials for Coole Swan, samples of these can be seen by clicking here


Coole Swan is an Irish made cream liqueur, needs to be tasted to be believed. Check out for more information or to buy online. There new online store is now open…


Wood pine plank white texture background


Ampersand Have been working with Coole Swan Since March 2011. We have been lucky enough to be issued bespoke projects from Coole Swan each year. Coole Swan like to tip their hat at all events happening. Mothers / Fathers day is marked. As are St. Patricks day, Halloweeen and Christmas so look out in stores or on www.cooleswan.con to find our new work with Coole Swan.